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    You can find some interesting articles about Waldorf Education in general and about its implementation in New Zealand.

    • As a flower essence practitioner I have worked with children and families for the past fourteen years, mainly within Waldorf school communities in Hawaii, Colorado and California. Flower essences are a form of natural healing that effect positive changes for families- initially within the realm of emotional issues. As flower essences heal and repair the finer energetic bodies, chi or life force begins to flow creating renewed vitality for the physical body. » read more
    • The essay below was submitted to, Renewal, a Waldorf parent's journal, in the Fall of 1998.  See also the essay: Waldorf Charter Schools in America: some social observations. » read more
    • High-tech vs. no-tech: D.C. area schools take opposite approaches to education By CECILIA KANG » read more
    • The Waldorf Teacher Someone you can steal horses with "Someone you can steal horses with" is a German expression, that doesn't really have an exact translation into English and it means something a little different to everyone. It's a positive compliment about someone that's up for anything and just about any adventure. It's not just a "Can do" sort of person, it's a "Let's go!" kind of guy or gal. -Ed. By DORIT WINTER » read more
    • Educators adopt and adapt this developmental, arts-rich approach. In the quest to fix ailing schools, should we slow down to move faster? Just as the handmade, home-farmed foodie movement is transforming how consumers view processed food, is education’s equivalent—Waldorf-style schooling that favors hands-on art and personal exploration while shunning textbooks and technology—just what school reform needs? » read more