• Frequently Asked Questions

    No, all schools and kindergartens are independent.

    No, eight of the schools are state-registered schools and two are private.

    The Federation is a support body rather than a controlling one and does not have funds to start schools or centres. These are generally initiated by parents desiring Steiner education for their children, often starting with a playgroup. Playgroups are the easiest to start from scratch. Sometimes a playgroup's growing numbers allow a kindergarten to form. Private schools and early childhood centres require Ministry of Education approval. State-integrated schools involve a partneship with the Crown.
    The Federation is able to support new initiatives with advice in many forms.

    The New Zealand Teachers Council deals with the registration of school and early childhood teachers. For both, a state tertiary qualification is required involving graduate or post-graduate study. For those with overseas qulaifications, transcripts must be submitted to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority who will assess overseas qualifications for New Zealand equivalency.
    Private schools and early childhood centres are bound by these requirements just as state-integrated schools are.